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Licensing to high-performance companies outside of Germany welcome.

The Schluff System features its own sewage program. This enables domestic connections and pumpstations to be controlled and operated via Internet. Thus optimal operation reliability is guaranteed and costs for maintenance are minimized.

The book
Vacuum Sewerage System - Instructions for planning, construction and operation

is the dissertation of degreed engineer Reinhold Schluff. It is based on 6 years research being executed due to an enquiry of the Federal Minister of Research and Technology of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Basis of the research was a 1:1 model beginning on the inlet (toilet) via a domestic shaft, 800 m pipe line as well as a vacuum pneumatic pump station being switched behind it. Furthermore it was the evaluation and experience of 14 vacuum plants being in operation.

The research is being described from the beginning up to today's state of technique. Faults, weak points but also advantages of the system are demonstrated. In chapter 5 "Conclusions and Personal Contributions" a plant is described in all parts of construction which eliminated the faults and weaknesses and which allowed the conveyance of sewage over greater distances, 15 - 20 km without intermediate pump station.

The book comprises 231 pages with colored illustrations, calculation rules and construction examples. At the same time depletion rates for the duration of use and cost calculations are stated.


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